Quiet on the Set! Your First Time in the Director’s Seat

Making an indie film takes a passion and dedication for the craft that will test every ounce of resolve you have for this business. Taking the director’s chair for the first time is a huge honor, but one that comes with an immense amount of pressure. You must not only create your vision, but you must develop a vision audiences can relate to.

Budget Woes

You’re not working with triple-A budgets, so stop comparing your film to a triple-A production. The magic of indie film making should take you back to the George Lucas era of film making, a time where you had to think critically about how to make things happen with limited resources.

Criticizing Your Own Work

Realize also that you are your own worst critic, and there are going to be some days that don’t work out well for you. Actors, for instance, can be a help or a hindrance. Get a good one who knows his character and you’ve got someone who will perform beautifully. Get one who is too full of himself and you’ll have nothing but production worries.

Indie film making is awesome, and you’re going to network with industry folk you never thought you’d meet along the way. Make sure you take their words as a vote of confidence, and do the best you can to see your vision through to its completion.