Approaching a New Film Project

Written by: Charles Matthau

Summary: Get your mind and body ready for a new project with these tips.

Before approaching a project as director, you have a lot to consider. Your life is about to become very hectic for the next few months. You need to be prepared to handle that level of stress, and that’s not an easy undertaking to prepare for. Here are some tips to get your body and mind ready to approach a new project.

Eat Healthy

You’re going to need to pull long hours, sometimes for several days at a time. You’ll need to be able to function on little or no sleep. It would be best if you did not get sick during this process either. The solution is fruits, veggies protein and the healthiest diet you can muster. You need the energy.

Play to Your Audience

The audience is smart, probably smarter than most Triple A movies give them credit for. Don’t undersell them when you’re dealing with serious material. At the same time, don’t try to over dress something meant to be campy or appealing to the masses. Don’t try to turn Transformers into an art-house film, and don’t try to re-invent Gone with the Wind as an action flick. If you play to your audience, and their expectations, your film will be more successful.

Digest Film

Don’t just watch films. Become engrossed in movies. There is a rich and easily accessible history of film out there with tons of movies made by very passionate people on shoe-string budgets. Listen to their commentary, learn from them. They are your teachers from the moment you leave film school and decide to give filmmaking an earnest try.